Hustle and Hard Work Create Opportunities

Hustle: Thomas Edison Knew It!

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

– Thomas A. Edison

If you want something, you have to put in the blood, sweat and tears. You have to put in the time and WORK. It won’t be easy, but if you want it, it will be worth it. Too many people think others become successful through luck, and don’t recognize the hard work and hustle that created not only the opportunity for success, but the success itself.

This is true with your martial art training, and everything else in life. There really are no short cuts. You have to play the long game, put in the time, dedicate yourself to doing more and achieving your goals.

I really like Gary Vaynerchuk, #GaryVee, because he is the king of hustle. A lot of his messages revolve around hustle and plain old work. The guy almost seems like a machine at times because of the way he works, and outworks, others. Gary Vaynerchuk is synonymous with hustle!

Here’s a couple of questions that Gary asks in his book #ASKGARYVEE One Entrepreneur’s Take On Leadership, Social Media & Self-Awareness:

“Look at your level of hustle and evaluate it. Ask yourself, Am I working as hard as I could? Am I doing great work? If you work for yourself and the answer is no, think long and hard about the business you have started or the consulting work you’re doing. Is it a good fit? Are you playing to your strengths? Would you be more motivated and feel more confident if you worked with a partner?”

While Gary was taking about hustle with work, you can ask yourself similar questions about your martial art training, or anything else you are doing. If you want to achieve goals, it will take work and hustle. To be the best martial artist you can become, it will take hard training, and a lot of it.

You must decide your goals, and then you must put in the time, hustle like no one else, and make the opportunities you are provided turn into greatness through hard work.

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