Recharge with Nature

Earth and sky, woods and fields,

lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea,

are excellent schoolmasters,

and teach some of us more than

we can ever learn from books.

– John Lubbock

Sometimes getting out into nature can be the best thing for us. This will be different for each of us. I heard Gary Vaynerchuk recently say he doesn’t like to get out into nature, and that it doesn’t really do anything for him. However, he recognizes that it does do something for others.

The place will differ depending on the person too. Personally, since I grew up in Western Montana loving being out in the mountains and woods, this is the area I most connect with.

Some people, however, don’t care for the woods and mountains, but prefer the plains, or prefer the ocean and so on.

It is up to each of us to determine the place we best recharge, and to ensure that we make time to visit these places to help keep us charged and ready to go. I also think we should visit other places than our favorites, because as John Lubbock said, we can learn from these places. We can learn about the world, and we can learn about ourselves.

Reading this, you might think, “That’s a good idea.” Don’t just think it, act on your thoughts and make a plan and commitment right now to get out into nature if that is your way to recharge, and then do it. You will be happy you did. If you have another way of recharging your personal batteries, make a commitment to do that.

The world really has some wonderful places, and it is up to us to get out and enjoy them. We should do so respectfully and leave these areas as we found them so others can experience and benefit as we have.

Let’s enjoy the world. Let’s learn from the world. And let’s take care of the world.