Hero Living by Rudy Reyes

Hero LivingRudy Reyes has lived an interesting and tough life that includes a hard childhood, time with the Marines which included three tours in Afghanistan, Iraq and Fallujah, and then on to being an actor and military adviser on HBO’s Generation Kill and the History Channel special Apocalypse Man. Martial arts, warrior traits, and living as a hero permeated throughout all of his life trials and he now writes about some of them and shows how to find the hero within us all in his book Hero Living: Seven Strides to Awaken Your Infinite Power.

I enjoyed this book, and found it to be different than what I first thought, and what many might think when reading the accomplishments of the author as listed above. This isn’t a tough guy book, or one that teaches might is right so suck it up, be tough and get out there and kick life’s butt. No, this book is much more and when reading and following along with the exercises Reyes presents throughout the text the reader will find out more about him or herself than anything else. This really is a book about self-discovery, and finding the body, mind, and spirit connection within.

At times the book reminded me of another book that was much different than one would expect a book about a special experiment with a group of Army Special Forces soldiers or Green Berets. And sure enough, in a later chapter, Reyes even mentioned the Trojan Warrior Project that was described in the book In Search of the Warrior Spirit by Richard Strozzi-Heckler. The book is about much more than just being strong to be a hero.

This is a book about dealing with your own limitations – mental, physical, and spiritual – and overcoming those limitations to lead a more fulfilled and meaningful life. This is a book about finding the courage within to become the best you can become. Reyes leads you through exercises and encourages you to develop your entire being. I love the quote from the book, “If you’re not regularly training your body so you can use it for productivity and fun, you are missing a critical component of your life experience.” But in fact, the book deals more with strengthening your mind and spirit than it does your body.

If you are looking for a holistic guide with warrior and hero themed lessons to defeat your inner demons, and become your ultimate best, I recommend reading and doing the exercises in Hero Living by Rudy Reyes.

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