Being A Martial Artist

Being a martial artist is much more than just learning how to fight. While defending oneself is a reason people study martial arts, they often find that being a martial artist focuses on character traits such as honor, courage, and compassion, along with strong relationships formed with other martial artists. Increased confidence and self-esteem are also often developed through the pursuit of martial arts.

This video, Being a Martial Artist and Martial Arts, was a FaceBook Live video where I discussed some thoughts on martial arts in general and what it means to be a martial artist.

As you heard, the relationships I’ve formed throughout the years really have been the greatest and most enriching benefit I’ve gained through training.  The relationships with my instructors, and the relationships I have with many other martial artists from around the world. Not just fellow Hapkidoin, but people who have studied all kinds of styles.

I really do encourage everyone training in martial arts to become a true martial artist. Live your life through the tenants or code that your martial art provides. Live like a warrior with courage and honor. Do the right thing and stand up to injustices and be a force for good. Be confident and be good to other people.

Yes, being a martial artist is much more than just learning to fight. Train hard, train, smart and respect all people. Do the right thing, and enjoy life and the fellowship of those on the same or similar path. And if you fall off the path, don’t beat yourself up, take appropriate actions to rectify mistakes and get back on the path and do your best as you go forward. And be sure to help others along their paths too. It’s our job to help others.

Live Life By Being A Martial Artist