Qigong for Longevity with Grandmaster Kao, Tao

Qigong for Longevity with Grandmaster Kao, Tao is a short program that presents instruction on twelve seated qigong exercises that Chinese qigong practitioners have used for centuries.

Grandmaster Kao was the first tai chi instructor to Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, who I greatly respect and highly endorse his books, DVDs, and
teachings. Grandmaster Kao first taught Dr. Yang in Taiwan in 1962. Now, at 80 years old, he still starts each day with tai chi and qigong exercises.

These twelve simple seated qigong exercises are part of his personal daily regimen, and what have helped him stay vibrant, happy, and healthy.

The first part of the program is a demonstration of the twelve exercises. The first of the
twelve exercises is healing sound breathing where the classical six healing sounds are taught. These help cleanse your internal organs and nourish your body with fresh air and energy. The next five exercises focus on maintaining strong brain, ears, eyes, nose, and teeth. The involve self-massage techniques and slow gentle movements. From there, the program moves down the body to teach exercises for the neck and throat, arm and shoulder, chest, abdomen (I’ll warn you that one of the exercises in this section is one you may want to be sure you are
alone to perform, or you will get strange looks and questions from those that see you. It is not something to do in the public park), legs and toes. The simple program is designed to keep you healthy as you age, and can be done in a half hour.

This demonstration section has Grandmaster Kao demonstrating and a voice over explaining what he is doing and why. The program is filmed in a beautiful outdoor setting, and you can clearly see what Grandmaster Kao is demonstrating. The narration is also clear.

Next comes the instruction portion of the program where Grandmaster Kao actually teaches to the camera. I am very glad he did this, because I much prefer programs where the instructor
teaches and explains to the camera as if it were students rather than demonstration with voice overs. Grandmaster Kao’s English is good and he is easy to understand. I enjoyed seeing and listening to this man with so many years of experience share some of his wisdom. He goes through each of the twelve exercises and provides instruction. He also demonstrates again, so it would be very easy to just plug this DVD in and follow along, doing the exercises along
with the DVD enabling you to learn and practice at the same time.

I feel this is a good addition to a person’s Qigong resource library. It does not contain as much information as some of Dr. Yang’s programs, but it is nice to see one of Dr. Yang’s teachers performing and teaching the exercises he continues to do into his 80s. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to learn some simple seated qigong exercises to include into their longevity and health regimen.

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