Modules for Manhood: What Every Man Must Know 2 by Kenneth W. Royce

“Modules for Manhood: What Every Man Must Know vol. 2” by Kenneth W. Royce picks up where the first volume left off. Like the first volume, this book contains a tremendous amount of helpful information on various aspects of life. These books are ideal for the young man, as you can learn a lot by reading rather than going out and making mistakes yourself.

If you are a little older, you may know some of the lessons Royce provides already, but you’ll probably still learn different takes on some topics. I know I did. Sure, I recognized a lot of the quotes he shared and resources he mentioned, but I learned quite a bit of new things too, and enjoyed the entire book.

The books are paginated in an uncommon way. Rather than starting at 1 and going to the end, these books are numbered by the chapter number followed by the page number of the chapter. So the first page of chapter 12 would be 12/1 and so on. And speaking of chapter 12, that is the first chapter in this volume. This really is a continuation of the first volume, and will be followed by volume 3.

The chapters in this book are: 12. Teaching; 13. Wisely Using Your Time; 14. Solving Problems; 15. Power: Use and Misuse; 16. Leading; 17. Working & Success; 18. Savings & Debt; 19. Money & Inflation; 20. Government and You; 21. Taxes; 22. Fighting; 23. Moving; 24. Health, Eating, Exercise.

As you can see, the book contains a variety of topics. All things that are important to living. Well, almost. There is a section on learning to fly in the 23rd chapter. I have to admit, reading it sort of made me want to learn. However, I don’t see it in my future any time soon. The fighting chapter obviously interested me, and I’d actually seen a preview of the chapter when Royce was working on it and asked me to review it. There is some solid advice for anyone on learning to defend themselves.

Some may disagree with Royce’s ideas related to government and taxes, but I think it is important that younger people be exposed to these ideas so they can make informed decisions when it comes to things about our government, taxes and our society.

The book is full of quotes and resources to go research further into these topics. As someone who likes quotes, I really enjoyed this aspect of the text as well.

Royce set out with this trilogy of books to provide information for young men to become well-rounded men who know their purpose and how to achieve it. He’s achieved his goal and then some. The first two volume are excellent and should be must reading for all young men, and a number of older men too. I’m looking forward to the next one.

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