Joint Locks: Learn To Improvise Joint Locks Under Pressure

Joint Locks Rory MillerJoint Locks: Learn To Improvise Joint Locks Under Pressure with Rory Miller starts out with a scene of him training with a partner and tickling him, and then he goes into his introduction while wearing a shirt that says, “Ask Me About My Bruises.” Both of these illustrate that Rory likes to have a little fun with his training. I’m friends with Rory, and he does like to have fun, but he also really knows his stuff and teaches some complex concepts in simple terms. If you can’t sit around talking with him and train one-on-one, the next best thing is to attend one of his seminars, and if you can’t manage that, buy his DVDs and books and learn from those. I’ve learned from him in all of these ways.

During this introduction, Rory shares some important principles that apply to joint locks. Principles such as maximizing your leverage, two way action, use gravity, basing, stacking, and gifts. He doesn’t take long to explain this principles, but they are important to remember to make the other things work.

Rory then explains the three types of joints: hing joints, ball & socket joints, and gliding joints. From there, he has a group of students improvising and playing with the concepts he provided to lock joints. He doesn’t teach specific locks, but rather the concept of locking, allowing the students to come up with different locks for each joint type. It is apparent watching the DVD that some of the students have more experience with locking joints than others. As the students go through the different type of locks, Miller stops and shares tips and concepts along the way. Principles are illustrated on arms and legs. (Miller also mentions that gliding joint locks work on the neck if lethal force is justified.)

When the students are performing locks, the inexperienced viewer might not learn as much, but do watch what they are doing, and be sure to listen to all the little things Rory says as he shows things. But more importantly, try stuff out with your training partner as you both watch the DVD. (This program is filmed during a live class, so it is like you are attending the class, rather than Miller instructing right to the camera as many martial art DVD programs are presented. Some will like the “live” feeling, and others may prefer the more traditional teaching to the camera approach.) I wouldn’t get too hung up on this, but just learn as much as you can from all of your resources, regardless the format.

The program also includes some drills and counters to different locks. Performing these drills allow you to recognize opportunities or “gifts.” Miller wants you to be able to see where you can apply a lock, and then know the basic principles to put one on. For those of us who know many locking techniques, this training is still valuable to be able to recognize different situations to use locks than maybe you were taught. Miller wants you to improvise under pressure, and these drills will help you do just that. Even if you do train traditionally with joint locks, you should incorporate Miller’s drills to help you develop the feel for putting on locks under pressure and from different positions. It’s a short program, only about an hour, but it contains some important instruction. Get with your training partner, watch it together, and then get on the mat and experiment and play around with the drills and material presented here.

My first video with Paladin Press was on joint locks, and since then I’ve done a five volume set on joint locks with Aiki Productions. I share this because even though I know and teach joint locking principles and techniques, I still found a lot of value in this Joint Locks DVD by Rory Miller. (I will admit that some of the stuff in this DVD I discussed with him in person before seeing the DVD.) I have no reservations in recommending “Joint Locks: Learn To Improvise Joint Locks Under Pressure” with Rory Miller to anyone who wants to better understand locks and take their training to another level.

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