Strength Training For Fat Loss by Nick Tumminello

Strength Training For Fat LossStrength Training For Fat Loss by Nick Tumminello is a well written and designed book that focuses on metabolic strength training for the purpose of losing fat. It is important to recognize that. This book focuses on exercises and routines when fat loss is your primary training goal. If you have different training goals, such as strength training, bodybuilding, or power lifting, you would train differently. However, during your cycled training throughout a year, you might incorporate two months of this metabolic strength training to cut some fat.

After the introduction, chapter one shares some benefits of fat loss. Trust me, if you are carrying extra fat on your body, you will benefit from losing it. Tumminello just touches the surface on some of the major benefits from losing excess fat.

Chapter 2 describes metabolic strength training and how it works to improve your physical appearance and functional ability. Tumminello introduces the three metabolic strength training concepts that form the basis of the routines in this book. These are strength training circuits, strength training complexes, and strength training combinations. This introduction to the concepts shares why they are effective.

Chapter 3, Nutrition for Fat Loss, provides some basic and sound nutritional guidelines. Nothing fancy or complicated, just solid advice on how to eat more healthy.

Chapters 4, 5, and 6 focus on the three big concepts: Circuits, Combinations, and Complexes. This portion of the book is like many exercise books in that Tumminello describes many exercises and exercise sequences with descriptions and photographs. I found both clear and easy to understand. Both male and female models are used in the photographs, and a variety of equipment was illustrated, including dumbbells and kettlebells for some exercises.

Chapter 7 shares how you can use body-weight training on days you can’t get to the weights. Body weight and exercise band exercises are illustrated.

Chapter 8 contains information on proper warm-ups and cool-downs. The author says these have been selected to help your body lose fat and maintain muscle when used with the metabolic training concepts in this book.

Chapter 9, Fat-Loss Workouts, puts everything together. In this chapter, you learn how to take the exercises taught and outlined previously and put them into workout to achieve your fat loss goals. There are break-in workouts for beginners and then progressively more advanced workouts.

And finally, in chapter 10, Fat-Loss Training For Life, Tumminello shares some simple and practical lifestyle strategies to keep you healthy for life. The chapter is only a few pages, but it contains some excellent advice on living and staying fit and healthy.

There are countless books on diet and exercise, and each has its own unique focus. If your focus is losing fat, “Strength Training For Fat Loss” provides an excellent guide to do just that. If you follow the eating and exercise guidelines outlined and taught in this book, you will surely see results. You’ll gain strength and lose fat, along with all the other benefits healthy eating and exercise provide. From beginner to expert, these programs will produce results.

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