Spartan Fit by Joe De Sena with John Durant

I enjoyed Spartan Fit by Joe De Sena with John Durant. I don’t run the Spartan Races, and don’t have plans to do so, but I like the intent behind them, and I liked the theme and idea of this book and its training, even if I won’t actually follow the routine as set forth in the 30 day program.

Spartan Fit is written to help the reader know about Spartan Races and prepare to run one. (It’s almost an advertisement at times for the Spartan Races, but I think that is due to Joe De Sena’s passion for the races he created.) But I look at it as a training method that can be adopted and adapted by many people who want something a bit different from the standard running and weightlifting routines most are use to. If you want to be Spartan Fit for Spartan Races, or just Spartan Fit for life, the ideas in this book can help you get there, especially if you are a beginner, and if you don’t want a traditional routine.

I found the parts about the races interesting, and I found the parts about Sparta, the warrior culture, and so on to be motivating. The seven pillars of endurance, strength, athleticism, recovery, nutrition, mind and code are important components of a well rounded health and fitness lifestyle, so I really liked the descriptions of these.

The actual 30-Day Plan to Spartan Fit isn’t something I’ll follow, but it gave me ideas of how I can change my workouts and do something different.

I also found it interesting that Joe De Sena is working to get these races accepted as an Olympic sport in the future. Who knows if it will happen, but I wish him the best with it, and am all for anything that helps people challenge themselves work toward health and fitness.

If you are interested in learning more about Spartan Races and training for them, or just want a motivating read on a different way to workout that will prepare you for such races, Spartan Fit is a quick motivating read that will do just that.

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