Weight Training Without Injury Review

Weight Training Without Injury by Fred Stellabotte and Rachel Straub is a very good book to read and have in your fitness library if you include weight training in your routines. While it is not as exhaustive as some other books of weight training exercises, its focus is not on how many exercises it can list, but rather how to perform weight training exercises correctly without injuring yourself. Many of the principles in this text can be used and adapted to alternate exercises very easily. I received this book in exchange for an honest review and find it to be a great addition to my health and fitness library.

Weight Training Without Injury Video Review

It’s a unique focus, as most exercise books focus on doing exercises to gain muscle and lose fat and only pay lip service to doing exercises correctly to prevent injuries. Stellabotte and Straub want to ensure you are doing exercises correctly so you can train with weights without injury. The book contains over 350 step-by-step pictures to illustrate what you should do, and what you should not do. That is super important. Too many people do things with weights that they shouldn’t, and learning what not to do can help keep your workouts injury free.

The photographs are large, making it easy to see what the authors are illustrating. The only thing about the pictures that I thought could be better would be to use a variety of models. All of the photographs are of the same female model. At a quick glance, some might think the book is for women only, when in fact this book is applicable to both men and women. Again, the book focuses on how to perform weight training exercises correctly to prevent injury, not what routines will help men and women achieve different weight lifting goals.

Weight Training Without Injury Sections and Chapters

Section 1: Program Design contains two chapters on making your workout efficient and selecting your individual weight-training program.

Section 2: Legs has six chapters related to these exercises: Squat, Lunge, Leg Press, Leg Extension, Leg Curl and Calf Raise.

Section 3:Back contains chapters on Lat Pulldown, Row, Reverse Fly, and Low-Back Extension.

Section 4: Chest covers the bench press and the chest fly.

Section 5: Shoulders covers the shoulder press and shoulder raise.

Section 6: Arms contains chapters on the biceps curl and triceps extension.

Section 7: Core as three movements: Crunch, Leg Raise and Plank

Once you learn how to do all of the exercises in this book correctly, you will be able to use the principles and body awareness you have developed to do other weight training without injury too.

This book belongs in your health and fitness library if you workout with weights or assist others with weight training. It illustrates how to improve muscle strength without causing injuries and harm to one’s musculoskeletal system. Use this book to ensure you are weight training without injury.

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