Modules for Manhood by Kenneth W. Royce

Modules for manhood 1When it comes to living with the Warrior’s Edge, Kenneth Royce’s “Modules for Manhood” provides excellent guidance on doing just that. I found this to be an excellent read and recommend it highly.


The Review:


I really wish “Modules for Manhood: What Every Man Must Know vol. 1” by Kennith W. Royce would have been published back when I was 19 or 19 years old. And I’d like to think that I was smart enough back then that I’d have read it and took the advice. This first volume in what will ultimately be a super awesome reference for all men, especially younger men, is an exceptional guide to manliness.


Ken Royce and I have obviously taken similar paths with our studies and lives in certain areas, because I agree with so much that he wrote in this book. Since I’m closer to 50 than 40, I’ve had many years to learn many of these same lessons. How I wish I’d have learned some of them much sooner. I strongly recommend all men read this book, but especially younger men.


And for those that think this might be some “Tough Guy Manual” or whatnot, you are very wrong. While Royce believes, as do I, that a man should be tough, this book is about becoming a well-rounded man. It’s about becoming a solid, capable, member of humanity who knows his purpose and how to achieve it. Yes, being strong is important, but so is having patience, being competent, having courage when needed, and above all being a Gentleman of Honor.


This first volume contains eleven parts. The topic headings are: Understanding; Thinking, Truth, Wisdom & Genius; Integrity & Character; Conquering your: Fear, Depression, Laziness, Anger, Impatience, Pride; Individuality, Courage, Manhood; Getting Along (Better With People); Communicating; Persuading; Negotiating & Selling; Learning & Training; and finally Doing (Action!). Quite the list of topics, huh? Probably not what you thought when you first thought of “manhood.”


“Modules for Manhood” is extremely well researched. The book isn’t just Royce telling what he thinks, but more Royce sharing wisdom and commenting on it from many sources. The passages and quotes cited in this book provide wisdom and guidance galore. I recognized a fair share, and that’s one of the reasons I said Royce and I have taken similar paths, at least in our studies and reading. However, there were many passages and quotes I wasn’t familiar with that I really enjoyed, agreed with, and learned from.


While the book is aimed at young men, there is so much here that is equally applicable to young women. Many of the things won’t just transform a person into a gentleman, but rather a good human being. But the book is aimed at young men, and as such it would make an excellent graduation gift for anyone embarking on the journey of manhood.

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