Wrist Locks: Lock On volume 1 Gets 5 Stars from Loren W. Christensen

Lock_On_1_Wrist_Locks_LP1Here is the current top ranked review of Lock On: Joint Locking Essentials vol. 1 Wrist Locks on amazon right now. The author of the review, Loren w. Christensen has written numerous books on martial arts, self-defense, and police work. (As well as a few recent novels.) He’s been there and done that when it comes to martial arts and self-defense. With over 30 years as a police officer, both in the military and Portland PD, he’s seen a lot and then some. I am honored to post his review of my DVD here.

Here is his review of vol. 1 Wrist Locks:

5.0 out of 5 stars Great! July 3, 2010
By Loren w Christensen VINE™ VOICE
I’m a real fan of joint locks. I used them on the street as a cop for 25 years and I have taught them for over 45 years as a martial arts instructor. To those who say that joint locks don’t work on the street, I say: Apparently yours don’t, but mine have and I know that Alan Burrese’s do, too.
Alan teaches and demonstrates each of his techniques in a clear and understandable way. There is no wasted verbiage and no wasted time as he carefully outlines not only how to do the techniques but explains why they hurt. In some, he shows how easy it would be to break the joint.
I knew many of the techniques Alan shows. With those I did know, I learned new nuances that made the familiar technique hurt even more. The ones I didn’t know, Alan explained the steps so well that I was able to stand up and apply the move perfectly the first time. That’s how well-taught these techniques are.
I highly recommend this DVD to add some new twists to techniques that might be familiar to you and to learn new ones that will have a street attacker kissing the concrete.
Loren W. Christensen, 8th dan, author of many martial arts books.