Arm Bars & Elbow Locks: Lock On vol. 2 gets a 5 Star Review from N. Engelen

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5.0 out of 5 stars
Highly recommended to everyone interested in arm bars and elbow locks for application in training as well as in the street!!, May 17, 2013
By  N. Engelen – See all my reviews (REAL NAME)
This review is from: Lock On: Joint Locking Essentials Volume 2: Arm Bars & Elbow Locks (DVD)

Lock On, Joint Locking Essentials, The Comprehensive guide to Joint Locks Volume 2; Arm bars & Elbow Locks.

This excellent DVD is produced by self-defence and Hapkido Expert Alain Burrese is the second volume in a series of DVD’s about joint locks.
Just like in Volume one, the DVD starts off with an intro with Alain explaining the scope and focus of this DVD namely arm bars and elbow locks. So the focus is about the elbow joint and the viewer is shown how to either lock the joint or break the joint in a more serious situation. Again the capacity of one DVD makes impossible to show every existing elbow lock and arm bar. However he will show the basics as well as some variations providing an insight to why it works and the principles of these locks. With this the viewer can go away and create his own variations and applications.

Next Alain moves into the anatomy of the elbow and how we with this knowledge can inflict pain and or exercise control over the opponent.
With this understanding Alain moves into the techniques, starting with the basic arm bar. The attack is a static same side wrist grab. This to be able to explain and make the principles clear. Alain explains every detail which is vital to make it work as well as little tips which make it easier to pull of against bigger and stronger opponents.

Once the basics are shown Alain moves into variations of the attack still applying this basic arm bar.

Gradually he adds stuff like the use of kicks and the environment which makes it all the more interesting. Whereas many martial arts work from a defensive mind-set Alain also shows how to use the arm-bar offensively by going first.

All these variations help to gain a deeper understanding about how the technique works which enables the viewer to apply the technique to a variety of situations as well as invent their own technique.

From the basic arm bar Alain moves into the step under arm-bar, arm-breaks and crossed arms and the armpit clamp while using the same clear from basic to advanced variation structure.

There is even a short section about how to apply it during a ground fight which shows the same principles can but used in many environments and situations.

To conclude Alain repeats the three main principles of joint locks which have to be present to make them work and states that joint locks are a part of the toolbox and the viewer shouldn’t ignore the rest. He also explains that there is a time and place for the joint locks and they should be only attempted when the opportunity arises.

Again Alain provided a valuable piece of work here. Just like the first volume the DVD provided new insights and a deeper understanding, even though many techniques are similar to aikido. I would like to recommend this DVD to everyone interested in arm bars and elbow locks!

Entire Lock On set at a great price!