Advanced Practical Chin Na In Depth

Advanced Practical Chin Na In Depth: Refine Your Techniques To Effectively Intercept, Trap, and Control an Opponent with Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming is another outstanding resource for learning and advancing with Chin Na techniques. In this program, which is actually two courses on one DVD that is approximately 155 minutes long, Dr. Yang instructors to the camera, and those are the DVDs I enjoy most from him and YMAA. He explains what he is doing and why as he demonstrates techniques, as if you were right there in a class or seminar with him. The only downside is you can’t ask questions to the DVD. But because he goes over common mistakes, and has students demonstrate techniques so he can correct and comment, many questions you might have are probably answered on the program.

Very early in the program Dr. Yang says you must practice, practice, practice, practice for a long time to make the techniques habit to be able to perform them in an actual situation. I agree completely. I’ve always taught that you can execute a low kick or a palm-heel to the nose after very little practice, but to execute joint locking techniques under live fire, you must have practiced them many times to be at the level to perform under real situations. He then states that many Chin Na techniques are based on being grabbed, but he chose around 20 techniques from over 150 to master against punches and such. This goes along with the ten chapters for each program (Called course 1 and 2 on the DVD). However, the box states 33 practical Chin Na techniques and lists the 33 on the box. This is because some of the techniques are similar and the variations are taught in the same chapter on the DVD. Regardless of how you want to count them or name them, there are a lot of techniques and variations presented here, and the instruction on them is very good.

The focus of this DVD is more on the entry, or interception and trapping necessary to enter into the joint locking techniques. It is a very important element and that is what makes this DVD a great companion to Dr. Yang’s other Chin Na In Depth DVDs, and his books Comprehensive Applications of Shaolin Chin Na and Analysis of Shaolin Chin Na. The teaching in this DVD is like in the others, as I mentioned above. He teaches, and then has students perform and corrects them and continue so teach and trouble shoot techniques. Some may not like this method, and if it were a 60 minute DVD, I might agree. In a short program, I want to see the instructor instructing, and not students practicing. However, in such a long program, we get both, and Dr. Yang does a great job of using the students as teaching examples, which makes the entire program instructional.

Advanced Practical Chin Na In Depth is a great resource for any martial artist that includes joint locking techniques in their training. Dr. Yang’s instruction covers many important ingredients to effective joint locking. Learning the techniques from the first volumes of Chin Na In Depth will prepare the viewer for this program that focuses on the interception and trapping, however, the DVD will stand on its own for those already familiar with joint locking techniques. Highly recommended!