Reverse Heart Disease Now: Stop Deadly Cardiovascular Plaque Before It’s Too Late

Reverse Heart Disease NowA big part of living with the Warrior’s Edge is keeping yourself fit and healthy. You can’t live life to the fullest and train as a warrior if you are out of shape and suffering illness. You definitely can’t live life to the fullest if you die early because of a heart attack. Our warrior fitness routines should keep our bodies in shape, inside and out. And because Cardiovascular disease affects so many, and is a leading killer, it’s important to include study and training to prevent this in our lives just as it is important to keep ourselves safe from other potential harms. Here is a review of a good book that can help you prevent cardiovascular disease from developing.

The Review:

Reverse Heart Disease Now: Stop Deadly Cardiovascular Plaque Before It’s Too Late by Stephen Sinatra and James C. Roberts with Martin Zucker is a program based on the practice and research of  cardiologists Sinatra and Roberts on how modern medicine, over-the-counter vitamins and supplements, and lifestyle changes can make your heart healthy. The book aims to help those with cardiovascular disease and those who wish to prevent it from developing.

Cardiovascular disease is a killer, and according to Sinatra and Roberts, there are things you can do to reverse and prevent it. This is an easy to read book with practicable and doable steps to fight this condition that affects approximately 70 million Americans. (With millions who die from it.)

The first part of this book contains three chapters that focus on how we get clogged. The doctors explain what death by inflammation is, discuss the cholesterol obsession and why that is the wrong thing to focus on, and twelve risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Part two of the book, How to Get Unclogged, contains nine chapters explaining what you can do to reverse or prevent this disease. These chapters include the topics: test you need, medication, supplements, detoxing, anti-inflammatory diet, exercise, defusing stress, and how to put it all together in a program for you. There are also resources and references listed in the back of the book.

The information is presented with the science to back it up, along with the doctor’s clinical experience and what it has done for patients of theirs. There are personal recommendations in the chapters, and things such as costs are also included. I liked how they said, “well, if you can’t do everything, at least do these.” I added to the supplements I regularly take after reading this book.

Because there are so many people suffering and dying from cardiovascular disease and the heart attacks and other ailments that come with it, there are quite a few books on the topic. Many say similar things, and I think it is important to study from different sources and determine just what is best for you. When a number of doctors say the same thing, those things should really be paid attention to. I think this is a very good guide for anyone concerned with cardiovascular disease. It presents simple things you can do before you have a heart attack, as well as what you should be doing if you’ve already had one.

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