Never Binge Again by Glenn Livingston

Never Binge Again“Never Binge Again: Reprogram Yourself To Think Like A Permanently Thin Person. Stop Overeating And Binge Eating And Stick To The Food Plan Of Your Choice” by Glenn Livingston, Ph.D., is a book aimed at men who want to take control of their own eating habits. In a nutshell, it’s an in-your-face motivational book that lets you know that you can stop binge eating, so DO IT!

Livingston sets out to help you stop binge eating by designing a mental image of what he calls the Pig. The Pig is the part of you that wants to eat slop and everything else. The rest of the book provides advice and encouragement on how you can stop listening to the Pig, and eat the foods you choose to put in your food plan.

Livingston doesn’t provide guidance on what you should eat. He leaves it up to you to create the food plan that will work for your life and goals. The focus of this book is to help you adhere to that plan once you design it.

I like the book, and I like his straight forward style in helping readers control themselves. He also knows sometimes we will falter, so provides advice on getting back on track. He also looks at how to deal with cravings, changing your food plan, overcoming deprivation, defeating the food industry, other people, and more.

It’s a quick read and a motivational one. You can stop binge eating and eat from your personal food plan, and Livingston shares some mental techniques to do just that. He also provides some additional tools to help you along the way at his website.

Recommended for anyone who is having trouble sticking to their eating plan and who gets caught up in binge eating. Read this book and quit listening to your Pig.

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