Convict Conditioning 2 by Paul “Coach” Wade

Convict Conditioning 2I enjoyed Convict Conditioning 2: Advanced Prison Training Tactics For Muscle Gain, Fat Loss And Bulletproof Joints by Paul “Coach” Wade. Like the first book, I could have done without a lot of the “prison”  aspects and talk, but I did like the information presented on training. I’ve been incorporating some things from this book and the first one into my own training.

This book is a continuation of the first, and it will help readers if they have read the first book and understand the training philosophy and techniques that Wade teaches. Once the big six of the first book have been mastered, or at least are part of training, this second book addresses some additional exercises to help build additional hand and forearm strength (something very important to anyone in the martial arts). If you work all the way through the progressions outlined here, you will undoubtedly have some serious grip strength. Next comes work for your midsection, or core, including obliques. The progressions teach how to do “flags” which strengthen the entire body, especially the core. If you get where you can do these, you will be strong. The next section of the book focuses on helping build a stronger neck through different bridging exercises. Next comes work for the calves. Do these exercises if you want the diamond look for your lower legs.

Part II Bulletproof Joints focuses on keeping your joints strong and mobile. This includes Wades take on flexibility and mobility training, which while different from many conventional schools of though, make sense to add to a complete training program. The exercises presented in the section include movements to help your hips and low back.

Part III Wisdom From Cellblock G includes information on doing time and discipline, rest and sleep, stress, sex, smoking, drinking, drugs, steroids, nutrition and fat loss, fluid intake, protein, healing after injuries, and the mind, what Wade calls the true prison. I really enjoyed reading his thoughts on all of these topics and think there is some great advice found here. There is also a bonus chapter titled “Pumpin’ Iron In Prison: Myths, Muscle and Misconceptions.” This was an interesting read that made sense and put to rest some of the myths I’ve heard and sometimes believed.

Overall, I think both of the Convict Conditioning books provide some good information in regards to body weight training. I’m not big on the “prison hype” or marketing, but I understand it. Following the body weight progressions outlined by Wade, while controlling one’s nutritional intake, will undoubtedly help a person get in awesome shape. If you put in the work, this program will provide results.

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