Find the Fighter in You with Alain Burrese

Alain Burrese Find the Fighter In YouFind the fighter in you! Life is tough. Regardless the fight you are in, find the fighter in you to take on your difficulties and keep going. Develop your warrior’s edge to keep pressing on in the face of difficulty. Find those that can help you and find the grit within. For each person this will be different.

Everyone has different challenges. Everyone faces different adversities in their lives. It makes no difference if someone else thinks your problem or challenge isn’t as bad as theirs, because to you it is real and what you have to face. Yes, some troubles, problems and difficulties are more severe with worse consequences than others. Just like some adversaries you might face are bigger, stronger, or more deadly than others. But that doesn’t necessarily reduce the significance of what you are facing right now. And that is why I don’t want to trivialize people’s troubles. I’d like my messages to help anyone overcome obstacles they face and live a better life.

I draw from different sources to help motivate myself to overcome those things that get in my path. And while motivation comes from within, reading a saying, seeing a picture, listening to a song, watching a movie, or talking with someone can give you the extra boost you need to get acting, because it is action that will drive you forward and through your difficulties. What that action will be will differ, but action is what will keep you going, and sometimes we need a boost to get acting.

I like to draw on things from military, martial arts, and warrior philosophy to encourage me at times, but sometimes I draw from other sources. Sometimes things are cliché, and other times not. It doesn’t really matter if it helps one get through tough times, or maybe just have a better day.

I’m reminded of the samurai. In reality, if you study history, the samurai were not the romanticized warriors living by the bushido code popularized in many books and films. However, what is wrong with using that romanticized version of samurai warriors, the bushido code, and warrior ethos to live a more productive, positive, and powerful life? If it works for people, great. If not, those people will find other motivators and inspiration.

So find the fighter in you. Find what it takes to help YOU win the good fight. Since you are reading this, I hope things I write and post will help you. Find your warrior’s edge and live powerfully with discipline, determination, honor and integrity. Take action and make the most of your life.