Bravery Never Goes Out Of Fashion

Bravery never goes out of fashion“Bravery never goes out of fashion.”
– William Makepeace Thackeray
Bravery is defined as the quality that allows someone to do things that are dangerous or frightening, or the quality or state of being brave. (Which is feeling or showing no fear; not afraid.) Both definitions, bravery and brave, are from the on-line Merriam-Webster dictionary.

I don’t really agree with the definition of “feeling no fear” or “not afraid.” Personally, I look at bravery as being courageous. And when it comes to courage, I like the quote you can get on a John Wayne coffee mug, “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”

Bravery, or being brave, is the same as having courage. You are courageous when you do what must be done even though you are afraid. We all experience fear. It’s natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Being scared is okay.

However, we mustn’t let our fears, or being afraid, stop us from doing what we must. This includes the fear of failing your next test, or the fear of teaching your first lesson, all the way up to being scared to death in a life or death situation.

Through your training, your experiences, your beliefs and your grit, you can be courageous and do what you must. Every soldier who has won a medal for bravery has been scared to death, but they did what they had to in spite of being scared.

You have the same qualities within you as everyone else. If someone else can do something, so can you. Bravery doesn’t rely on race, color, religion, sex, nationality, or anything else. Every single human being has the potential to be brave and courageous. Bravery exists within all of us. But just because it exists, doesn’t meant it always comes out. It is up to you to dig down deep and exhibit the bravery within.

Stand up and be brave. Do the right thing. Succeed at life and don’t let fears hold you back. And in the most dire of circumstances, when you are scared beyond belief, remember that bravery exists within and do what you must.