Being Both Soft And Strong

Tiger Hug Being Both Soft And Strong quote with Alain Burrese“Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered.”

– Yasmin Mogahed

The duality of being both soft and strong is an important concept for the warrior to not only understand, but to embrace. It is one that can bring balance to not only combat, but to life itself. In fact, it is to life that this concept is most critical.

Many who study the martial arts have been introduced to both soft and hard style techniques, and while some arts emphasize one over the other, both can be found in the upper echelons of most arts. However, rather delve into combat or fighting elements of this concept, I rather look at how this can be applied to living. After all, living with the Warrior’s Edge is a powerful way to live, and this quote embraces the warrior’s edge philosophy appropriately.

I believe all of us should train to be as strong as possible, both physically and mentally. We must forge our bodies and minds through strenuous training to be our very best. To be our strongest. This serves us well when we serve in the military, law enforcement, or other warrior professions. It is also important for us to be able to defend ourselves and our loved ones if needed.

But at the same time we must not be afraid to be soft or gentle when appropriate. The same hand that strikes a foe down must be able to gently caress a loving partner. The hands that hold and wield deadly weapons should also be able to hold a child in a loving embrace. Being strong does not mean you can’t be gentle; and being gentle or soft does not mean you are weak and don’t possess strength. On the contrary, the most powerful are those who possess strength and gentleness.

As warriors, we must strive to be both strong and soft depending on the situations and circumstances we find ourselves in. We can be both strong in battle and soft at home. We can be brutal in war, but civil in peace. We can be both.

Just the fact that a former Army paratrooper and sniper, martial art and self-defense instructor, and author of “tough guy” books would start a post with a quote from a writer who focuses her work on spiritual and personal development embodies this strong and soft philosophy. Do I have it mastered? No, but I’m still working on it. I encourage you to do the same. Live with Your Warrior’s Edge.