The Warrior’s Mantra by Rodger Ruge

I picked this book up in the book store after seeing testimonials in the front of the book by Forrest E. Morgan and Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, two authors I was not only familiar with, but enjoy works by both.

I’ve believed in positive affirmations for a long time, so I quickly took to Ruge’s book and found it interesting, entertaining, and informative. It is a simple book to read, but by no means is the message simple. At least it is not simple to implement, because Ruge is writing about preparing mentally for the unknown challenges that a warrior may have to face at any given time.

I agree with Ruge that the essence of a warrior is constantly to seek improvement and to hold oneself to a higher standard and accept the warrior role in life. I believe that by embracing the principles and ideals Ruge writes about, taken from principles that have guided warriors for many centuries, each of us on the warrior’s path will better be prepared to overcome any circumstances we face.

The actual mantras or positive affirmations are fairly simple. They include mantras such as: “I Will Survive!!” “I can control my fear at all
times!” “I will overcome any threat with courage!” and “I will seek a peaceful resolution whenever possible!” While the mantras are simple, there is a lot of meaning behind each one of them if you take the time to think about what the words actually mean and not just read the chapter in haste to get to the next one. The real gems are the words of wisdom from Ruge and others that accompany the mantras. Many quotes that compliment the mantras are included as well as Ruge’s thoughts and suggestions for carrying out the mission of each mantra. For
instance, in the chapter regarding the controlling fear mantra, Ruge provides instruction on the breathing technique known as autogenic breathing or combat breathing. This is a technique I and many others have also taught and one that every warrior should practice so it will be there in time of need.

Ruge is a retired police officer of 18 years of service and the knowledge he gained in that warrior occupation is shared throughout the text. I often found myself nodding in agreement with what he was writing. I also really enjoyed the quotes that are included in each chapter.

This is a great little book to be read and re-read. I would suggest that every warrior include some of Ruge’s mantras or positive affirmations into their lives. They will help you live as a warrior and prepare for those obstacles you will face.