The Story Of Buddha A Graphic Biography by Hisashi Ota

Story of BuddhaHaving studied Asian martial arts since 1982, including living and traveling in Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries, it was only natural to become interested in Buddhism. The philosophy and religion has influenced many things in Asian countries, as well as the martial arts. I continue to read and study about Buddhism and Taoism to incorporate ideas and philosophy into my life to help me live better. You don’t have to be a Buddhist or Taoist to be a martial artist or live with the Warrior’s Edge, but learning a little about these philosophies will help you better understand some things in the philosophies of Asian martial arts as well as the cultures of Asian countries.  The most recent reading I’ve done on Buddhism was in the form of a graphic novel that I saw at the library, The Story Of Buddha: A Graphic Biography by Hisashi Ota. Here’s the review:

Review of The Story Of Buddha: A Graphic Biography by Hisashi Ota

What is happiness? What’s the point of living the way I do, day in and day out? These are questions the prince Siddhartha asked himself some 2,500 years ago in the city of Kapilavastu, near the present-day border between Nepal and India. If you are familiar with Buddhism, and the story of Siddhartha, you know that the Prince leaves the comfort of his kingdom to live an ascetic existence to ponder old age, sickness, death, and the meaning and purpose of living. Finally, under the bodhi tree, Siddhartha became enlightened, and the now Buddha spent the rest of his life teaching others.

If you are not familiar with this story, there is no easier way to learn about this beginning of Buddhism than by reading this graphic biography, The Story Of Buddha. It is a well told version of the story accompanied by black-and-white illustrations in the form of a graphic novel. I found it very easy to read, with good illustrations, and told in a thought provoking manner that not only made me interested in the story of how Siddhartha became the Buddha, but also wanting to know more about his teachings as well. (I have not been reading or studying Buddhism for a while, so this book has motivated me to continue studying Buddhism books regularly.)

This is a very well done graphic biography on Prince Siddhartha and his quest to answer life questions that led to enlightenment and the teachings that became Buddhism. Highly recommended to those who enjoy graphic novels and want to learn the story of Buddha.

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