Mindfulness at Work for Dummies by Shamash Alidina & Juliet Adams

Mindfulness at Work for DummiesMindfulness is an important practice for the martial artist and warrior. It’s been taught for thousands of years, and has recently become more popular as the benefits of the training and practice have been recognized by science and the corporate world.


I have always believed that the mental aspects of our martial art training benefit us in daily life, just as the physical training improves our fitness and prepares us for potential dangers. Mindfulness and mediation are proven and that is why the masters have taught them throughout the centuries.


If you are not practicing mindfulness, I strongly encourage you do to so. This is a great guide on incorporating mindfulness at work, and I think it also shows how are training in the training hall can benefit the other areas of our lives.

Mindfulness at Work for Dummies – The Review


Mindfulness at Work for Dummies by Shamash Alidina and Juliet Adams is an excellent guide for anyone wanting to incorporate mindfulness practice into their work life. It is clear and provides a very good overview of the concept of mindfulness and a home program to improve your mindfulness, not only in work, but life in general. The book then contains work specific applications of being mindful and how this practice can make your work place, meeting, and leading better.

The book is divided into six parts which include:


Part 1: Getting Started with Mindfulness at Work. This section contains chapters that focus on what mindfulness at work is, the benefits of mindfulness at work, and applying mindfulness at work.


Part 2: Working with Mindfulness. There are five chapters in this section that focus on practicing mindfulness day to day, boosting your mental resilience, training for mindfulness at work, applying mindfulness at work training, and practicing mindfulness in the Digital Age.


Part 3: Mindfulness for Organizations. The four chapters in this section deal with improving team performance, assisting different business functions, integrating mindfulness with coaching, and commissioning mindfulness training in the workplace.


Part 4: Leading with Mindfulness. For any leader, the three chapters in this section can help the effectiveness of your leadership. They deal with thriving on the challenges of leadership, leading without boundaries, and leading people, change and strategy.


Part 5: The Part of Tens. This staple of the Dummies books provides five lists of ten that include: Ten Ways to Be More Mindful at Work, Ten Ways to Improve Your Brain with Mindfulness, Ten Ways to Mindfully Manage Work Pressures, Ten Ways to be Mindful in a Minute, and About Ten Resources for Further Study.


There are also two short appendixes to help with your research.


While it could be helpful to understand mindfulness before reading this book, I don’t think it is absolutely necessary. The authors do a great job of explaining mindfulness and teaching the concepts thorough exercises so that the reader can understand what it is and how to apply the principles to their work.


This is an old mental discipline that those of us in the martial arts have practiced for thousands of years. (Others besides martial artists have practiced it too.) And while some think of Mindfulness as something in Buddhism or Taoism, modern science has researched mindfulness as a secular practice and discovered its tremendous benefits. This book offers an accessible and pretty comprehensive look at the way mindfulness can help in the workplace. In a secular manner, the book does not delve into any religious aspects or notions that some may associate with the practice. The book can be read, and mindfulness can be practiced by anyone, regardless of any other beliefs.


Now that I’ve read the book once through, I’m going to go back and do the exercises and go through the mindfulness at work training as provided in a couple of the chapters. I’m looking forward to using this book as a guide and adding new mindfulness exercises into my training.


I recommend this book to anyone wanting to be more mindful at work and in life.


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