Grow A Pair by Larry Winget

Grow A PairGrow A Pair by Larry Winget?

How is this related to Your Warrior’s Edge?

This book details many attributes of living as a warrior. When you discover your warrior’s edge, you, in Winget’s terms, grow a pair. The common sense advice in this book should be followed by everyone living as a warrior. Here’s the review that I will post to amazon:

Grow A Pair: How To Stop Being A Victim And Take Back Your Life, Your Business, And Your Sanity by Larry Winget is a quick, in your face, dose of tough love that tells us to live like we have a pair and set a good example so it will rub off on everyone around us. I have to admit, when I’m reading this book, it is like Larry is preaching to the choir. I say similar things, live the same way, and agree with just about everything in this book. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed it so much as I read it, and kept nodding to myself saying, “that’s right.”

In the first short chapter, Winget defines the problem, and that is that we have become a society of weenies. He then asks you if you have a pair, and answers the question, “where did everyone’s pair go?” Winget then shares how you can grow a pair. From there, he discusses having a pair with your money, in business, at home, and while being a citizen. Before his final thoughts,  he shares some of the benefits of growing a pair and the side effects of doing so.

Like his other books, this provides straight to the problem advice that may ruffle some feathers, and Winget doesn’t care in the least if it does. In fact, I think he hopes it will, and hopes that those who get their feathers ruffled wake up to the problem and start acting on the advice and suggestions contained within these one hundred and fifty-some pages. It’s not rocket science or anything difficult to understand, but so many people sure do have a problem in standing up for themselves. If you are one of the sheeple out there (people who voluntarily acquiesce to the beliefs or opinions of another person or a political party or religious belief without any critical analysis or research or thought process of their own), Winget advises to stop being one and think for yourself.

Bottom line, Winget wants you to stand up straight, live boldly and not let others walk all over you. He wants you to be in charge of your life, and he wants you to do so without being a jerk, He wants you to fail, get back up, and get at it again until you succeed. And in this book, he shares tactics and techniques to grow a pair and do just that.

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