Buddhist Boot Camp by Timber Hawkeye

Buddhist Boot CampHaving studied martial arts and Asia for over thirty years now, I’ve always been drawn to various Buddhist and Taoist teachings. I view them more as the original philosophies than religion. I find lessons and wisdom in both that help guide me. I found Buddhist Boot Camp by Timber Hawkey to be an enjoyable and enlightening read. I believe to embrace living with the Warrior’s Edge includes personal development in all areas. We must train our body, mind and spirit. Studying texts like this one help us become more, help us think of those things that are important, and provide a guide to life and living to our fullest.

The Review:

Buddhist Boot Camp by Timber Hawkeye is a simple book of a mere 73 pages, and half of those pages contain nothing other than a quote. After the brief introduction, there are 35 “lessons” or short essays of usually just a single page. But don’t let this fool you, within these short passages are some very deep thoughts and engaging ideas that make one think for much longer than it took to read the book.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It contains quotes and passages that made me think about things that we often neglect or forget about. It made me think about things that are really important and what matters most in my life. And while I’m not ready to abandon as many of my possessions as the author, his wise words did make me think about materialism, relationships and life in a deeper way than most of us ever do as we go through our busy lives.

And that is an important consideration here. Don’t just read this book quickly. Take time with it. Savor the words and think about what they mean to you and your life. Some of the passages will have greater meaning to where you are in life right now than others, but if you read the book again in a year or two, you may find that the passages that mean the most change.

This is a simple book, but a profound book. It is inspirational and practical. For anyone who wants to ad a little Buddhist wisdom into their lives, I recommend this book.