New 5 Star Review for “Fighter’s Mindset” on Amazon today!

A brand new 5 Star review for How To Protect Yourself By Developing A Fighter’s Mindset by Alain Burrese was posted on Amazon. This book, which focuses on mental aspects of self-defense, rather than physical techniques has been recieving positive reviews and helping people with their situational awareness and other other important principles for protecting oneself. It has been compared to Jeff Cooper’s classic, Principles of Personal Defense, but with more actionable knowledge. (see this review here)

This is the new review posted today:

5.0 out of 5 stars! ¬†Great book for anyone who wants a foundation in understanding and developing a fighter’s mindset.,April 2, 2013
By John – See all my reviews
This review is from: How To Protect Yourself By Developing A Fighter’s Mindset (Paperback)

This book follows the ABC’s of writing; Accuracy, Brevity and Clarity. It is a small book with several personal stories which I feel helped to emphasize Alain’s points. Alain writes with great readability; no flashy terms or fancy phrases. I especially appreciate the section on Situational Awareness and the use of colors as a teaching tool. As a martial arts instructor, I personally use this information in my self-defense training and teach it to my students. Alain has also included a list of other great resources from fellow authors and combatants.

John orderd the book from this website a week ago, and I really appreciate his review.

¬†Suggested Reading List From How To Protect Yourself By Developing A Fighter’s Mindset: