Fighter’s Mindset Receives Another Positive Review

The following review for How To Protect Yourself By Developing A Fighter’s Mindset was posted on
August 15, 2013, just a few days ago.  It makes me very happy to see Fighter’s Mindset getting
such positive reviews.  After you read the review, be sure to check out more on this book here:
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Here is how the review appears on amazon:
4.0 out of 5 stars A Book for Everyone! Nice addition to the growth library. August 15, 2013
By L. N. Mcdonald
The mind, the most important tool in the self defense matrix: Alain’s book serves as another worthy addition to the mind/body developmental library.
Love the lead in of the book and the frame of the story elements. Speaking of the story factor, it illustrates a lot of what the book promotes, the inner workings of the mind as it relates to self – Preservation. Mind body connection if you will.
The offerings on situational awareness, one of the most, if not the most vital aspect of survival, are very good!
I don’t agree with the color code awareness levels as a viable, functional measuring tool. It may be as simple as my disdain for color ranking levels. I’ll leave it up to the reader to decide.
I appreciate the sharing of Keep-In-Memory-System, KIM system Alain writes about. The “civilian” counter-part is the system of mnemonics or hooks. P22
The suggestion adaptation of criminal mindset is a very powerful perspective altering device. In order to catch the fox you have to think like the “fox,” and then out-think, and if necessary, out fight the “fox.”
Self Awareness AKA self-actualization, another powerful tool that Alain touches on in a very easy to assimilate manner.
The author talks about the predator prey dynamic, and doing a role reversal, which is another take on the attack the attacker mindset and perspective.
The book even touches on the improvisational weapon aspect of self-preservation, another one of my favorite aspects of survival.
Brings attention to the need for decisiveness in encounters, and even squeezes in mention of time management, timing or stealing time in recounting the story of the bar-room brawl. P29 Also touches on the concept of attack the attacker, one of the most empowering Self-Preservation concepts at our disposal. Did I say that already 😉
The OODA loop… Boyd has really left us with a very powerful and empowering tool in this concept; more of us just need to fully educate ourselves to the true nature of the O-O-D-A concept. There are many coaches that don’t truly understand the concept. Therefore a lot is missed as to its application. Alain does a decent job of introducing the framework of Boyd’s contribution to the combat, business and interpersonal world.
The attribute of will is framed in the context of mother- child, the strength that a mothers’ will provides to protect her offspring P43. The epitome of Self – Preservation, preserving the bloodline! Men draw from this same well~
The quotations sprinkled throughout the book are outstanding. What I like to call brain and spirit food! Along the line of my philosophy that there are warriors from all walks of life and we do well to recognize them in all their forms. Alain does a good job of bringing together a varied mix of combat, physical and intellectual warriors from all aspects of men and women. He even includes many of my favorite personalities. As I’m sure you will find many of yours, and a few surprises in the mix.
The reading list! All which I’ve read and own are outstanding recommendations. Within the 93 pages of the book are many gems and its density of quality is well worth the price of admission.
To sum up my perspective on the book, and believe me when I say: I am a demanding coach and consumer. Buy it! If you are a progressive martial artist or a coach that coaches for performance, I’d definitely add it to the library. It’s a sound investment. Though I may not agree with everything within the covers, it is a solid piece of work that will illuminate the way to a broader vision and understanding of the layers regarding self-preservation AKA self defense mindset and posture. The application is up to you!
And Alain, please accept my apologies for the delay in reviewing the title. Great job!