Attackers Think Differently Than You Do

Mugger Attackers Think DifferentlyAttackers think differently than you do. Prepare yourself for an attack by understanding yourself and them.

Recently I was discussing this concept with Rory Miller. In his newest video, Logic Of Violence, he takes a class through an exercise on thinking like a criminal. He uses a goals-backwards risk management approach, and teaches to understand crime from the perpetrator’s point of view.  It’s an important aspect to improving your self-defense odds. There are different kinds of predators, and understanding how they think can help you avoid them, and avoid being attacked or assaulted.

I’ll write more on this concept in the future. I will also post a review of Rory’s DVD. But for now, I want you to recognize that predators, those who attack others, think differently. You must not only understand this, but also recognize the glitches in your own thinking. This includes eliminating the mental issues that can hinder reaction speed during a real-life assault.

When you understand that attackers think differently than you do, you can then begin to recognize the types of violence and the places where violence occurs most frequently. This will then enable you to avoid these situations all together, and that is your best self-defense.

Rory Miller is a friend, and someone I highly respect. I recommend all of his books and DVDs to help you learn more about defending yourself.