Self-Defense, Safety, Martial Arts and More at the 2013 Animal List BBQ

Alain Burrese teaching Come-A-Long techniques at Animal List BBQSelf-defense, Safety, Martial Arts, and much more were featured at the 2013 Annual Animal List BBQ hosted by Marc “Animal” MacYoung and his wife Dianna Gordon MacYoung. I almost didn’t make it this year, but thanks to Joe Knape, I was able to be there to learn, teach, and generally have a great time. It was especially good to see old friends, but also to make new ones. It was a great weekend.

Joe and I made a road trip, driving straight through Thursday night, leaving Missoula, MT, after my Thursday night hapkido class. We also had a long drive back on Monday, but the driving was worth it. There were classes on kata, power generation, footwork, Japanese sword, take downs and throws, Bob Orlando’s Kuntao, Filipino and Indoneasian arts, tai chi, Arnis de Mano stick work, Marc’s hand drills, Peyton Quinn’s class, my class on restraint and control with a couple of sleeper holds added, and a class on Hojo jitsu or Japanese hog-tying people. There were also lectures on Judicial Use of Force which I helped with, physical training, improvised weapons and mayhem, emergency triage, and computer security.

Besides all of the classes, the food was awesome. There are a group of outstanding individuals who come together to feed this motley crew, and they do so in style. This isn’t a hot dogs and burgers event, but rather various dishes that include all types of meet. Korean Bulgoi, Tri tip, Chicken dishes, Fish, pork, it was all there. Homemade pizzas on the grill, Banana Foster and Grilled pineapple for desert anyone?  What about a juice bar with all sorts of smoothies made?  Bottom line, the food was great as it always is.

With all of that, the most important thing to me is the people. Some, like Marc MacYoung, have been friends since the early 90s, while others I just met this year. But many, like fellow authors Peyton Quinn and Bob Orlando have been friends for over ten years, and it is always great to see them. This was also the first year I’ve been able to do some physical training with author Rory Miller and get to know him better, which was another highlight of the weekend.

I have helped Peyton with classes in the past, so when he asked me to help him with this year’s, that was another highlight, because I’ve always enjoyed what he teaches and helping out. Here is a short clip from that class:

And because I just love teaching, my class was a highlight too. I taught a few techniques from my restraint and control program, and then since I’d just filmed a chokes and sleeper holds dvd last month, I taught a couple techniques from that program too.  It was a lot of fun. Here is a short clip from that class:

Great people, great food, a lot to learn and share, what better weekend can you have?

I also filmed some safety tips with Marc, Peyton, and Rory that will be posted in the near future. So be sure to check back as I continue to add things to this website.