Alain Burrese and the Smear Campaign

Some people know that for two years now, there have been two individuals and a few that follow them, engaging in a smear campaign in attempts to hurt me, my reputation and business. For the most part I’ve just ignored them due to the ridiculous nature of their claims. What they have written and said is false and most are outright lies. It is very easy to prove they are lies and mistruths, and those that actually look into both sides can see that. One such person was Phil Elmore. After seeing what these people posted about me, he contacted me about what he read. I was able to show him with certificates, letters, photographs and other people that the negative things about me were completely fabricated. Unlike others, my websites and story have always remained the same and consistent. After talking to me and researching further, Phil Elmore wrote this article for The Martialist. Check it out, I’m quite honored by it.

Alain Burrese: The Nicest Guy in the Industry Continues to Teach

If you come across a complaint or negative blog about me and want to know the truth, just contact me and ask. I’m very easy to talk with and will tell you straight up what the deal is. I am who I am. I don’t claim what I’m not. I’m just trying to help other people and support my family as I do it.