2015 Korean Martial Arts Festival

If you wanted to sum up the Korean Martial Arts Festival in a few
words, you could easily just say that it is a weekend event with a
bunch of awesome martial artists coming together to share and learn
about their common passion – martial arts.

But it is even more than that. It really is one of the highlights of
my year. Not only do I get to teach on topics I’m passionate about,
but I get to learn from other great instructors and add to my
knowledge and skill bank. The line up of instructors is always
awesome, and when you think about the experience and knowledge
gathered in one place, it is mind boggling.

2015 KMAF Instructors

This year’s line up included GM Ken Mackenzie, GM Geoff Booth, GM
Inwan Kim, GM Jimm McMurry, GM Troy Trudeau, GM Kevin Janisse, Master
Brad Lord, Master Rondy McKee, Master Steve Kincade, Master Calvin
Longton, and myself as instructors.

Topics included military techniques such as sentry removal, weapons
such as the dan bong and belt, joint locks, throws, ground fighting
and much more.

There was a banquet Saturday night where everyone could get to know
each other better, eat, relax and have a wonderful time.

This event has appeared in both Black Belt magazine and Taekwondo
Times as an outstanding event to attend. If you are a martial artists,
you should put it on your calendar for next year.

You can learn more about the event here!

I look forward to seeing you there in the future!