Wrist Locks: New Review of Lock On vol. 1

Review of “Lock On: Joint Locking Essentials: The Comprehensive Guide To Joint Locks – Volume I Wrist Locks” with Alain Burrese.

I have know of Alain Burrese as a Hapkido practitioner for years but have never had the honor of watching him train. He is one of the core members of modern warriors active in martial arts who are consistently training and teaching (akin to Shawn Kovacich). His consistency, in my opinion, is the benchmark of credibility. During the near decade when I was a defensive/control tactics instructor for a municipal police department the fundamentals of wrist locks were foundational principles necessary to controlling a subject during the contact of actual physical arrest. These principles were more difficult to teach to individuals in medium and large groups because of the small movement techniques involved. In short, the student needed to be up close and personal if not being actively used as a uke. Alain’s instructional does exactly that. It focuses on the movement at both within personal space and from a distance outside of that. Using standard half speed and half power movements the student is taught the basics of wrist locks. This video instructs on the core basics. However, it is the core basics that all law enforcement officers need to master. Anything beyond that is useful, but not necessary toward effecting an arrest. I cannot stress this statement enough: This IS the instructional video to start with to give anyone, particularly LEO’s, the confidence necessary to gain control of a resisting or potentially violent subject. Volume I chapters consist of: 1. Introduction; 2. Explanation of the wrist; 3. Outer wrist lock; 4. Inner wrist lock; 5. Overhand outer wrist lock; 6. Reverse handshake; 7. Standing center lock; 8. “S” locks; 9. Faucet lock; and 10. Conclusion. I wish I had this DVD when I was a police officer. I am glad that I own it now and recommend this important video to all law enforcement officers desiring to improve their skills and by default their own personal safety on the job. Absolute five star rating. Well done.

Jeffrey Hauck, JD, CPO, CII
Licensed Private Detective