The Power Of Tai Chi Chuan by Robin Gamble

Power of Tai Chi ChuanI really enjoyed reading “The Power Of Tai Chi Chuan: An Introduction To The Benefits Of Health, Self-Defense, And Personal Development” by Robin Gamble. Maybe it is because I have friends who practice Tai Chi Chuan, the martial art, as opposed to what Gamble calls “Tai Chi Dance.” I like how he differentiates the two. Tai Chi Dance being the gentle movements you see many people doing in parks and other places without any thought to anything martial, and Tai Chi Chuan, an internal martial art from China.


The author, being a student and instructor of Tai Chi Chuan, the martial art, doesn’t criticize what he calls Tai Chi Dance, but rather says it is just a portion of what you can find in Tai Chi Chuan and that those who only practice the “dance” version are missing a lot of the benefits that can be obtained by practicing and training in Tai Chi Chuan.


While this book does have a few exercises to do near the end, it isn’t a how to book on Tai Chi Chuan. The author states you really need to find a qualified instructor to study with to learn the art. This book is more of a “Why you should train in Tai Chi Chuan.” It lives up to its title in that it introduces the benefits you can achieve through Tai Chi Chuan practice. These benefits include health, self-defense and personal development.


At times, the way the author speaks, it seems like he’s saying that Tai Chi Chuan is the best thing to come around since sliced bread, well, since before sliced bread as Tai Chi Chuan has been around for a long time. And maybe he’s right. Many people have benefited from training in Tai Chi Chaun for many years. And even if you don’t believe Gamble entirely, or are not sold on all of the benefits he describes, I think you’ll agree there are numerous benefits from its practice.


If you practice Tai Chi, or want to learn Tai Chi, this is a great book to introduce many concepts about the true art, and what it can do for you. It’s an easy book to read, and covers some important concepts in a way that even lay people will understand. It’s an enjoyable and motivating read as well. It’s a book that ads to any martial art library, and should especially be on the shelf of those who practice, or want to practice, Tai Chi Chuan.

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