The Meditator’s Workbook by Matthew Flickstein

Meditator's Workbook“The Meditator’s Workbook: A Journey To The Center” by Matthew Flickstein is a workbook, and to get the most out of it, one should not only read it, but do the meditations and exercises provided throughout the text. Doing this book, rather than just reading it, helps live life more fully, relieve stress and grief, and find personal inner-peace and well being. Obviously, these things can be said for meditation in general, regardless the type one practices or the source one learns from. But this book focuses on assisting one with these and more through the guided practice of meditation.


The book uses the Ten Oxherding Pictures as a base for the lessons along one’s journey. As Flickstein states, “the ox symbolizes your true nature, the reality that lies beyond your conditioned and transitory existence . ‘Herding the wild ox’ is a metaphor for the progressive stages of realization that you will encounter during your quest for enlightenment.” I’ll admit, it was this ox herding focus that drew me to purchasing the book. I’ve always liked these pictures, and their meaning, since learning about them from a friend as we gazed upon a series of pictures on the outside of a temple in Korea.


Using the pictures as a framework to organize the lessons, Flickstein guides the reader through a journey of finding oneself through a series of meditations. Accompanying these meditations, are questions to help you think about things that will help you find peace within yourself as well as figure out where you really want to go. There are also blank pages where you are encouraged to journal about the things you are thinking and meditating about.


There are some meditations and sections of this book that might not be as relevant to all readers, and some parts that some might not think are relevant until actually meditating on and pondering the questions the author poses. Throughout all of the exercises and meditations, one can learn about the self and become more mindful, which is the beginning to “enlightenment” or self-discovery. I’m not sure if we ever really become enlightened, but I do think we can discover more about ourselves and live happier more positive lives, and doing this book can help you with that.


Recommended to all who want to look within themselves a little deeper through meditation and self-discovery. Take this journey to help tame your ox.

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