Taekwon-Do: Origins of the Art by Bok Man Kim

taekwondoTaekwon-Do: Origins of the Art: Bok Man Kim’s Historic Photospective (1955-2015) is a fascinating look at GM Kim’s journey in the Korean art of Taekwon-Do. The large book is full of black and white and color photographs which truly make this Kim’s historic photspective.

It was not only interesting, but also motivating, to see these photographs celebrating Bok Man Kim’s 74 year odyssey with the Korean martial arts. He has been given the title of Supreme Master Kim as well as Grandmaster Kim, and with the accomplishments recorded in this illustrated history, you can easily see why he earned such titles. For simplicity sake, I will use GM in this review to denote Grandmaster.

GM Kim was so involved with Taekwon-Do that this book is almost equally a historic view of the martial art as it is of GM Kim’s life. The two, his life and the art, being so intertwined throughout the years.

If you are a student of GM Kim’s, or a student of one of his students, this is a must own book for a historic look at your lineage. If you study Taekwon-Do, this book will be extremely interesting for it’s historic content on the development of the art.

If you have an interest in Korean martial arts, this pictorial history provides GM Kim’s journey and accomplishments as well as his commitment and contributions to the development of Taekwon-Do, Korea’s most popular martial art. GM Kim was a pioneer of Taekwon-Do and worked with the Father and Founder, General Choi Hong-Hi. This book provides a timeline of Taekwon-Do with pictures that not only inform, but inspire.

This is an excellent book for anyone interested in the history of the Korean martial art of Taekwon-Do.

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