Meditation For Warriors by Loren W. Christensen

Meditation For WarriorsMeditation For Warriors: Practical Meditation For Cops, Soldiers And Martial Artists by Loren W. Christensen is exactly what the title says it is. This isn’t fluff or new-age woo-woo if that’s what your idea of mediation is. (And if that is your idea of what meditation is, you really need to read this book and learn that it’s nothing of the sort.) This is an extremely practical and straight forward guide to basic meditation that will help cops, soldiers and martial artists, not only with their training, but on the job, during competition, or real life self-defense situations. If you are any of the above and not regularly meditating, you really should read this book and start including it just like any of your other training exercises. Meditation won’t just help you, but will help you with those other activities too.

I have a variety of meditation books and DVDs, as well as many on breathing exercises. And one of my goals this year was to increase my study of meditation as well as my practice. There are many ways to meditate and breath, and the different methods may focus on various things you want to accomplish with your training. This book is an excellent place to begin, because Christensen does a great job of presenting the material in a practical and easy manner. He starts out telling about himself and what this book is and isn’t. Because he is well respected in the police, military and martial art circles (having been one of each of these for years), I think a lot of “tough guys” will listen and realize that meditation isn’t just for granola-eating-long-haired-tie-dye-wearing peaceniks. (Not that there is anything wrong with that, but those that know Christensen and me, know that we don’t really fall into that category, and if we are meditating, others like us just might too.)

After explaining who he is and what the book is about, Christensen provides a little about some common myths about meditating and then explains why warriors need to meditate. There is then a short chapter on the nuts and bolts, which really is quite simple. As I said earlier, Christensen has cut through the fluff and provides a simple and practical guide.

The next section of the book provides some different meditation methods for different purposes. Like I said above, there are many ways to meditate depending on your goals for the session or training. This guide explains methods for achieving calmness, preparing for a training session, preparing for a fight, meditating after a fight, post traumatic incident meditation, meditating to induce sleep, and three short one-minute meditations to help you instantly relax and become more calm.

Christensen concludes the book with a short conclusion, and I have to agree with him that it is good to see that the informed camp is accepting meditation as the powerful warrior tool that it is.  Highly recommended for all cops, soldiers and martial artists and anyone else who wants a simple and practical guide to meditation.

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