Dukkha the suffering: An Eye For An Eye by Loren W. Christensen

I finished Dukkha the suffering: An Eye For An Eye by Loren W. Christensen yesterday and have to say that I really, really enjoyed this first “Sam Reeves Martial Arts Thriller.”  The book is about a Portland police officer, Sam Reeves, and the events surrounding his being forced to take lives on the job as well as discovering family members he never knew he had. Family members that are caught up in a revenge-targeted series of violence that not only threatens their lives but now Reeves’ as well.

I’ve been reading things by Christensen for over thirty years now, and have even appeared in a couple of his books and got to become friends with him.  However, all of those were martial art, self-defense, and law enforcement related.  This is the first novel he’s written.  Fortunately, he wrote about what he knows extremely well, martial arts and police work.  His background in these areas shines through and not only makes this gritty novel entertaining, but very realistic with the police work and fight scenes.

Recently, a review of my novel stated that the reviewer thought I spent a bit too much time on the “Conscience” part, but really liked the action.  I think that reviewer might say the same with this novel, and I’d disagree.  I liked the fact that Christensen provided such angst within Reeves when it came to killing.  It showed him as an honest police officer and lifetime martial artist, who really follows the “Way” and isn’t all about the  “Kill em all and let God sort em out” mentality.

Besides the very descriptive fight scenes, I also really enjoyed the other martial art elements woven through the story.  As a life long martial artist and instructor, I could really relate.  I’m sure many other martial artists and police officers will also relate and enjoy this tale.  The book was very well paced and had enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing and wanting to find out what happens next.  Sure, there were a couple things I “figured” before being shown, but that didn’t distract from the story in the least, but rather just lent to being fully absorbed in the action packed thriller.

If you like martial art thrillers, this is a great read.  If you just like thrillers, it is a great read, but even better for those of us who study and enjoy martial arts.  Highly recommended and I can’t wait to read the next adventure Sam Reeves finds himself in.