A Sudden Dawn by Goran Powell

A Sudden DawnI had the opportunity to read an advanced copy of “A Sudden Dawn,” the martial arts novel by Goran Powell, and I found it to be an exceptionally enjoyable read.  It’s an epic historical novel that brings the legend of Da Mo, the Buddhist monk that brought Buddhism to China and established the Shaolin Temple as the birthplace of Zen and the martial arts, to life in a superbly crafted action adventure.

I eagerly turned each page to see how the adventure would unfold, while at the same time was glad the book was fairly long because I did not want the story to end.  Powell’s interpretation of the legendary characters weaves fact and fiction together in a manner that is easy to believe the entire story is actually true and not just a novel.  It really is a fascinating tale of the mythical origins of the martial art known to many as kung fu.

I shared the book with one of my top students and he told me he couldn’t put it down and enjoyed the book immensely.  He particularly enjoyed the philosophy and lessons found within the story.  The main character is a teacher after all, and the lessons he teaches those within the pages of the book are equally applicable in our modern times.  I personally really enjoyed those parts of the book as well.

I don’t know any martial artist that wouldn’t enjoy this adventure, and I’m sure many who don’t practice the arts, but like good historical action novels will also read this book and connect with the genuine characters and be captivated throughout the entire tale.

I’d like to share here the endorsement I provided for the novel.

Goran Powell brings the legend of Da Mo and the Shaolin Temple to life in this sweeping epic tale that is exceptionally well-paced and engaging to the very end.  “A Sudden Dawn” is an adventurous story that blends history, myth, and legend into a remarkable and enjoyable tale that is seamlessly woven into a fascinating and moving book.  As a martial artist and someone who’s studied Asian ways for over 20 years, I found “A Sudden Dawn” to have just the right mix of martial arts action, history, romance, and philosophy to engage and entertain throughout the entire text.  It is a gripping story that I didn’t want to finish.  Powell’s interpretation of these legendary characters draws you into the story from the first page and takes you along for an incredible adventure spanning the Asian continent.  It’s one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read in a long time.