The Healthiest You by Kelly Traver

Healthiest You“The Healthiest You: Take Charge Of Your Brain To Take Charge Of Your Life” by Kelly Traver, M.D. And Betty Kelly Sargent is a reissue of a book previously titled “The Program.” It is an interesting and educational book on health and fitness. Presented in a 12-week program that the authors want to last your lifetime, the book shares how to achieve a happier, healthier life along with evidence of why this program works.


This is much more that just a book of exercises. In fact, it isn’t a book of exercises. It’s a book full of common sense, practical steps to better health. There are chapters on creating your own personal plan, dealing with stress, maximizing energy, outsmarting heart disease, diminishing diabetes, getting proper sleep, being happy and how it makes you healthier, conquering addiction, preventing cancer, aging successfully, and staying healthy forever.


I really like how the book explains why and how on these issues. And not in a boring, dry, technical manner, but rather in an easy to understand lay person’s language. It makes the book easy to read, as well as enjoyable and educational to read.


While the strategies in this book are easy to read, they can be harder to implement. The authors realize this and provide a lot of encouragement along the way. They also advise on easing into the health habits over the 12-week program, rather than try to do everything all at once.


If you are looking to live healthier, the program outlined in this book will help you do just that. Recommended for everyone wanting “The Healthiest You.”

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