The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up by Steven Masley

30 Day Heart Tune UpI believe safety, self-defense, and living life to the fullest all depend on being healthy. And this doesn’t just mean being physically fit and able to run and lift, but also having a healthy heart. (And the rest of our internal parts.) But since this book is about the heart, I’m focusing on it. If you look at the odds, you are more apt to die from a heart attack or stroke than killed by a mugger. Way more likely! This is why I believe if you are seriously interested in safety and self-defense, you should also be interested in healthy living. Fend off heart attacks and strokes just like you would fend off an attacker in an alley. I study martial art and self-defense resources, and I also study health resources. This book is a good one, so let’s look at the review.

The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up Review:

The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up: A Breakthrough Medical Plan To Prevent And Reverse Heart Disease by Steven Masley, MD, contains a sound and sensible program to prevent and reverse heart disease by a medical doctor who has used the program positively with many of his patients.

The first part of the book contains chapters that explain how heart disease happens and what it does to a person. These chapters include information on why this book was written and what the program can do, truths and myths about cardiovascular risk factors, and how to determine how young your heart is.

Part 2 of the book focuses on the 30-Day Heart Tune-Up program. What I really like is that the program is holistic in that it takes into account your diet, exercise, and stress reduction. The book explains what to eat in regards to foods and supplements, and why. It also stresses the importance of exercise to help your heart, and this includes exercise that increases your heart rate sufficiently as well as strength training and stretching. There is also a chapter that provides information on how stress effects the heart and contributes to heart attacks and things you can do to reduce your stress levels and live a more healthy lifestyle. It’s the combination of all of these; food, supplements, exercise, and stress reduction that completes the 30-Day program to prevent and reverse cardiovascular disease.

The third part of the book contains eating plans and recipes to help you with this program. While I have not tried all of these recipes, many look good and the provide a great starting point to create your own healthy foods to eat.

There are also some resources in the back of the book to assist with achieving your health and fitness goals, with the primary goals for this program being to prevent or reduce the chances of cardiovascular disease leading to heart attacks and strokes.

Many of the ideas in this book are similar to other books on the topic. This is a good thing, because I’d hate for all the doctors out there to disagree. If find for myself, that reading books like this help keep me motivated to stay in shape and eat better, as well as providing new research on certain foods and supplements for me to modify my eating and supplement program. If you don’t like reading multiple books on this topic, this would be a very good one to read and follow by itself. The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up is a good program for hearth health!

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  1. Excellent..I should know, I could have died from my heart attack this december….3 stents later……I am realizing how I never really admitted how much stress I was under….eating habits were terrible, and although I could admit to not eating right, and not exercising enough…..I would still never think it could happen to did, age 48, I had stopped smoking 20 yrs prior, was overweight, but not obese, by many people’s standards I “looked good.” Everyone was soo shocked. I had a family history of heart disease, which increases the risk tremendously. Most of all, I had been under a trmendous amount of stress….funny thing, is I am a counselor…I deal with other people’s problems all day long. I specialize in people that have undergone extremely traumatic events. In my efforts to ” be there for them”,I realized I had not decompressed at the end of the day…after hearing horror stories, I would just carry on as if I was superwoman,and I thought it was immune from it.,actually it was flat out denial. So, I take this all much more seriously. I use my own experiences to also remind my clients that we ALL need to take care of ourselves better.


    • Thanks Mary! It is so true that we ALL need to take care of ourselves. More people die from bad eating, lack of exercise, and smoking than from being attacked. So what is true self-defense?

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