Integrative Wellness Rules by Dr. Jim Nicolai

Warriors use many tools for battle. But the most important tools a warrior possesses are his body and mind.  This is one of the reasons I write about mindset and believe mental training that incorporates determination and discipline is so important.  Warriors must also train and take care of their physical health or they cannot act, fight, or live.  When you live with the Warrior’s Edge, both mental and physical training are important.  But you shouldn’t stop there.  When we live with the Warrior’s Edge, we want to incorporate “wellness training” into our lives.  This is more than just exercise and what you eat.  Because of this, I’m always studying about these topics.  The newest book I read is Integrative Wellness Rules: A Simple Guide To Healthy Living by Dr. Jim Nicolai.  Easy to read and a great book.  Here is the review I wrote:

I enjoy reading and studying about health to improve on my own and to help me with my teachings of others.  I’ve incorporated lessons from Dr. Andrew Weil into my own life and teachings, and I’ll admit it was Dr. Jim Nicolai’s work with Dr. Weil and that this book has a Foreword by Dr. Weil that made me want to check it out.  And I’m very glad I did!  Integrative Wellness Rules: A Simple Guide To Healthy Living by Dr. Jim Nicolai, the Director of Integrative Wellness at Miraval Resport and Spa, is an easy to read, entertaining, and informative book on healthy living.  Nicolai intended for this book to be a quick and easy read, and it is.  The chapters are short, straight forward, and written in an easy conversational style.  The same as if you were sitting down with Dr. Nicolai for a consult on healthy living.  It works.  And the suggestions, tips, and lifestyle changes recommended throughout the text can be easily incorporated into one’s life to live better and more healthy.

The book is divided into seven main parts.  These are: Check in and Discover, Success and Motivation, Accessing Your Spirituality, Your Emotional Health and Stress Management, Implementing Sensible Nutrition Strategies, Optimizing Vitamins Supplements and Herbs, and finally Managing Your Physical Body.  So, as you can see from the topic areas, this book focuses on total health and well being, or wellness, not just one aspect of it. Thus the title Integrative Wellness Rules.  Dr. Nicolai believes in integrating all aspects of wellness to live better.  I agree with him, and also believe he provides some great rules to do just that.

Each of those seven parts contains a number of short chapters that provide a rule and guidance to further you along.  And even if you don’t agree with all of the rules, or don’t want to incorporate all of the strategies into your daily life, I’m sure you’ll pick up some that you do.  That is, if you want to live a life of health and wellness.

Obviously, Nicolai draws from some of Dr. Weil’s materials and teachings.  So if you are familiar with Dr. Weil, you’ll be familiar with some of what Nicolai teaches in this book.  Additionally, Nicolai recommends resources from Dr. Weil, including Weil’s brand of nutritional supplements.  However, even if you decide to go with other brands, the information provided here will help you chose what to take.

I believe life is a journey and one you should enjoy.  Without a doubt, you will enjoy life more when you are healthy.  And health is more than just exercise and what you eat, and that’s why I like Dr. Nicolai’s “wellness” better than health. He says, “If health is the destination, then wellness is the journey.”  I like that.  If you want to be more than just healthy, and incorporate wellness into your lifestyle to live life to the fullest, I recommend Dr. Nicolai’s strategies as steps along your path to your optimal well-being.