Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy by Bret Contreras

Bodyweight Strength Training AnatomyLiving with the Warrior’s Edge includes keeping your body fit and healthy. This doesn’t mean you need an expensive gym membership or a lot of equipment. A person can stay fit and healthy with the bare minimum if committed to health and fitness goals. A book I just finished reading is an excellent guide to bodyweight exercise, with over 150 different exercises described and illustrated. It is an excellent guide for those that want to include bodyweight exercises in their training, and I believe we can all use bodyweight training when we can’t make it to the gym, or just to change things up now and then.


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Review of Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy

Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy: Your Illustrated Guide to Strength, Power, and Definition by Bret Contreras is an excellent resource of bodyweight exercises and how to use them to meet your fitness goals.

After a brief introduction on using bodyweight exercises, the book is divided into chapters that reflect different body parts. These include arms, neck and shoulders, chest, core, back, thighs, glutes, calves, and whole body exercises. Then there is a final chapter that shows how to plan a program to meet specific goals such as gaining strength or losing fat.

There are over 150 exercises explained in this text along with the “anatomy” drawings that illustrated the muscles each exercise works. I found the description of each exercise execution and the exercise notes to be detailed and useful. Both inexperienced exercisers as well as those with more knowledge can learn from this book. It would be a handy reference for anyone wanting to work out at home, as well as for trainers who teach bodyweight exercises to their clients.

There are a few exercises in this book that I’ve never tried and plan to, and others that I doubt I ever will. But I still like the completeness and variety the book provides and think it is an excellent reference to have in my health and fitness library. If you want to use bodyweight exercises to help meet your fitness goals, this book by Bret Contreras is your go to reference.

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